Computer Engineering Vs Computer Science


Making a career choice is never easy. Many students end up choosing the wrong courses due to some minor misinformation they got from non-credible sources. Therefore, it is important to properly research on different courses before landing your choice. This article is going to focus on computer engineering vs computer science.


These are two courses that are somewhat similar in nature. They involve dealing with different aspects of computers. So, it is easy for one to confuse them. However, when you take a closer look, you will notice that there is a clear cut line between the two.


Difference between the two courses. Computer engineering mainly involves the engineering of your system hardware. It concentrates more on the design of the PC hardware and peripheral devices. You can also view it as a practical application of computing principles.


computer engineering vs computer science

It has some electrical principles. So, in short you can conclude and say that it is based on the laws of mathematics, physics and electricity. It integrates all these fields so as to provide one with an all rounded approach to system issues.

There are several subjects that are dealt with in this course. They include multimedia computations, display mechanisms, networking, image and speech processing, PC perception and sensors, pattern recognition, robotics, VLSI systems and workstation architecture among many others. All these comprise of the hardware and software aspect of the PC.


The different subjects deal with different aspects of the system. They are all very vital and enable the professional to have the ability to deal with any situation involving computers. Moreover, they are able to design better systems by analyzing the current ones and identifying areas where they can improve on.


Computer science, on the other hand, involves the study of principles, methods and laws for managing information. It also deals with theories for designing and implementing them. This is what leads to the previously mentioned course.


Just like the other course, it also has several main subjects. Some of them include workstation architecture, artificial intelligence, numerical methods, software systems, theory computations, algorithms, networking protocols, graphics, operating systems, databases, parallel computations, software development, simulation and modeling among many others. They all give the professional the required expertise in the field.


Artificial intelligence is one of the areas of focus nowadays. It is concerned with the intelligent performance of software and machines. Architecture usually explains the science behind the design and construction of software and hardware, which enables the system to work properly. Software systems deal with programming languages, environments, interpreters, OSs and compliers among many other things.


So, as you can see, the science course is studied by scientists while the engineering course is studied by engineers. The above mentioned details are just a few of the important differences between the two. There are other many differences that can enable you to understand the two courses better. Therefore, do some more research on this topic so that you can get more information, which will help you make a more informed choice.